FNC has issued over $150 billion in Certificates of Deposit since 2010.

As one of the nation’s leading underwriters with 38 years of experience, approximately 2,000 banking institutions count on FNC for CD funding. FNC bank funding professionals, each with an average of over 20 years of experience, listen to objectives and assess funding and liquidity needs when underwriting every CD.

FNC also has a dedicated syndicate team that services over 500 broker-dealers nationwide, an always-growing network reliant on FNC for our menu of CD offerings. FNC uses multiple electronic trading platforms as additional distribution outlets.

FNC is continually ranked as a top 10 CD underwriter in the nation, issuing billions of dollars of brokered CDs every year. Brokered CDs are:

  • Cost effective when compared to other wholesale funding alternatives including advances, rate listing services and internet deposits
  • Flexible, since they can be issued for as little as 1 month out to 30 years
  • Easily matched to asset/liabilities or utilized for general funding requirements, without cannibalizing your local market
  • Collateral-free, unlike FHLB advances
  • Able to satisfy required liquidity plans as mandated by regulator or internal policy

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