Credit Unions

For over 38 years, FNC has earned an unparalleled reputation as the credit union community’s most trusted partner.  

We understand credit unions and their unique challenges.  

Over 3000 credit unions nationwide count on FNC to:

  • Provide Industry Knowledge and Expertise: FNC knows the products and support services most appropriate to each credit unions specific needs. Professionals monitor the market and keep clients abreast of marketplace events and trends.
  • Get Consultative Insights and Advice: FNC gladly relieves credit union staffers of investment related burdens. Our credit union professionals have extensive industry knowledge and the perspective to monitor the market.
  • Develop Mutually Beneficial Relations: FNC’s integrity and fair play results in long-standing relationships with credit unions, many that span over 3 decades.

Here are some of the ways FNC services credit unions:

Investment Solutions

FNC designs and implements portfolios that meet the credit unions established risk, return, liquidity, diversification and maturity parameters. FNC professionals understand that legislative, economic, political and regulatory events impact both market conditions and the investment mandates of the credit union community. 

Brokered CD Investments

With FNC, credit unions can make the most of the opportunities offered in the brokered CD marketplace. Book Entry Eligible CDs expand a credit union’s field of depositories by accessing the hundreds of institutions available daily in the book-entry CD markets. Credit unions can also purchase Direct Deposit CDs issued by FDIC-insured financial institutions for same day or next day settlement. The credit union wires directly to the issuer and receives a safekeeping receipt. A brokered CD account with FNC offers security conscious investors another important portfolio tool. 

Value-Added Investment Services

Credit unions can sharpen their competitive edge by tapping into FNC’s comprehensive array of investment services including developing laddered bond and CD portfolios. Our experience provides a comprehensive look at valuable investment strategies and FNC’s wide range of financial instruments provides credit unions with the diversification and flexibility they need to react to changing market conditions including:

  • Bank notes
  • Deposit notes
  • Zero coupon bonds
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • CU-qualified money market instruments
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Corporate bonds
  • U.S. Treasury securities
  • U.S. Government agency securities. 


FNC has helped innumerable credit unions bridge their funding gaps by tapping into the growing market for credit union-issued share certificates. FNC’s credit union exchange program provides the capabilities and expertise that enable credit unions in need of funding to issue share certificates and generate deposits from fellow credit unions with an excess of liquidity. 

Please email a FNC professional for more information on these services or to learn more about what FNC has to offer.